Worship Series

After basking in the glow and glory of the baby boy born in Bethlehem throughout the season of Christmas, the Church turns the page to learn more about this miraculous child in the season of Epiphany.  Quite literally, in this season, Jesus appears, and shows himself to be, not only a human being, but true God at the same time.  This year, spending time in Matthew’s accounting of the Sermon on the Mount, we listen to the God-Man speak as proof that he is our one, true Savior.

Jesus Speaks

We listen because he is Messiah

Baptism of Our Lord

We listen because he is the Lamb

We listen because he is the Light of the world

We listen because of the blessings he bestows

We listen because the world needs light

We listen because without him, we’re worthless

We listen because our Father demands it