Worship Series

After forty days of repentance and prayer, the Church bursts forth in jubilant praise at the Resurrection of our Lord. The alleluias and glorias which were muted for Lent ring out again as the Bride of Christ welcomes her Bridegroom back from the dead. Easter is as the pinnacle of the Church Year, the oldest festival and season celebrated by the worshipping Church. For a full week-of-weeks (49 days) the Church celebrates the resurrection of Jesus and what it means for them that he lives again.

Jesus lives to give you:

4/28   Confidence                               Easter 2

5/5     Proof of His Power                  Easter 3 (Thurs, Sat, and 7:30)

5/12    Guidance                                  Easter 4 (Good Shepherd/Mother’s Day)

5/19    Identity                                     Easter 5 (Song Service)

5/26   Peace                                         Easter 6

5/30   Purpose                                     Ascension

6/2     Unity                                        Easter 7