Lenten Worship Series

Lenten Worship Series: Lent Fast Before The Feast

The word “Lent” is from an Old English word for Spring (lengten – the time of year when the days grow longer).  The Lenten season is a time to meditate deeply on the meaning of Christ’s suffering and death for our salvation and to concentrate on the continuing importance of amending our sinful lives through repentance.

To aid this time of repentance and meditation, many in the Christian Church have prepared themselves through the process of fasting – going without for a designated amount of time.  While typically associated with abstaining from food, Christians often prepare themselves during the season of Lent by focusing on a particular sin to remove from their lives.

This Lenten season, each weekend’s worship will center on a sinful behavior or action to be removed from our lives, as well as how Jesus has paid the price for that sin and how we can thank him for it.  Join us as we prepare ourselves for the great celebration feast on Easter morning!

Lent 1 – Fast from temptation; feast on victory

Lent 2 – Fast from misplaced priorities; feast on resolve

Lent 3 – Fast from being unproductive; feast on being fruitful

Lent 4 – Fast from foolishness; feast on free forgiveness

Lent 5 – Fast from disobedience; feast on faith

Lent 6 – Fast from helplessness; feast on peace