February Worship Series

February Worship

Jesus Is the Christ – The Anointed One

In the Old Testament, people were anointed—specially set apart—when they were called to be prophets, priests, and kings. The Hebrew word for those anointed ones is from where we get our English words Messiah and Christ. In some ways, anyone in the Old Testament who was appointed and anointed for a servant task was a messiah or Christ.

But the promises of the Old Testament looked forward to One who was to be not merely a messiah or christ but the Messiah and Christ, the One who would be ordained as God’s chosen Prophet, Priest, and King for his people.

This Epiphany Season, we see Jesus revealed to be that anticipated Messiah and Christ.  He is The Anointed One.

February 3 (Mission Festival) – Anointed to Make Disciples of All Nations

February 10 (Seminary Chorus) – Anointed to Make Missionaries

February 17 (KML Sunday) – Anointed to Bestow Blessings

February 24 – Anointed to Love Even Enemies

March 3 (Transfiguration) – Anointed to Display His Splendor