Lord, Keep Us Steadfast

The last four Sundays of the Church Year are designated as the season of End Time, a season unique to the WELS. The focus of the season is fulfillment of Christ’s promises and encouragement for the Church of the End Times. We live in the last age of this earth, and in this season, Jesus wants us to remember his promise, “Behold, I am coming soon!” The season prepares the Church for these latter days by encouraging faithfulness to the Word, mindfulness of the judgment, watchfulness for Christ’s coming, and joyfulness in Christ’s reign.

On each Sunday, the Church prays that God would bestow on her a characteristic necessary for the End Times Church:

  • Reformation: Lord, keep us steadfast to the truth of your Word! (November 2-5)
  • Last Judgment: Lord, keep us steadfast as we await the Final Judgment! (November 9-12)
  • Saints Triumphant: Lord, keep us steadfast as we yearn for Triumph! (November 16-19)
  • Christ the King: Lord, keep us steadfast in the joy of our King! (November 23-26)