• Teaches useful skills for living in God’s world.
  • Provides a program of interest to the adolescent youth of the church.
  • Develops knowledge of God’s creation.
  • Develops Christian leadership skills.
  • Encourages fellowship with Christians.
  • Encourages serving our Lord by serving our fellowman in our church and community.

Membership Qualifications:

  • Membership is open to all boys of Peace Lutheran in grades one through twelve.

Organizational Structure:

  • TRAIN:  Boy Pioneers are organized into wagons comprised of groups of four to six boys who study together, play together, build projects together and camp together are referred to as wagons.  All the wagons belonged to a Train and there is only one Train in each church that has a Lutheran Boy Pioneer program.
  • WAGON LEADERS:  Each wagon has two leaders who are boys.
    • Wagon Leader:  leads the wagon at the meetings and on campouts. Helps others learn some of the skills in this book. Has completed the Camper requirements and has shown leadership skills.
    • Wagon Driver:  Has usually completed the RECRUIT requirements
  • WAGON MASTER:  In charge of all the wagons. Leads all of the wagons during formations and helps teach the younger boys some of the skills in the program. Has usually completed the CAMPER requirements.
  • JUNIOR TRAIN LEADER (JTL):  Is above the Wagon master.  Responsible for all of the boys in the Train.  Helps the adult leaders teach some of the more advanced skills in the ministry. Has completed all the FRONTIERSMAN requirements. A Train may have more than one Junior Train Leader.

Reporting Responsibilities:

  • The organization reports to the Board of Youth and Family Ministry at Peace Lutheran as needed.


  • Meetings are held each month at Peace Lutheran School.


  • SERVICE – Boys will be able to participate in service projects at your church and in your community. In this way they will learn that our life is to be of service to our Lord and fellow-man.
  • WORSHIP – Each Lutheran Pioneer meeting begins and ends with the Lord’s Work. Pastors, leaders and older boys lead the group in devotions. There is also an opportunity for worship in unique places such as around a campfire, in a canoe, or on a backpack trail.
  • EDUCATION – The skills boys will learn will be useful to them as they grow into adulthood. With the help and support of leaders, parents, and congregation members, the boys will be able to develop their God-given talents.
  • RECREATION – Campouts, canoe trips, swimming, hiking, backpack trips, games and varieties are examples of the recreational activities in which boys will participate. They will also learn Christian sportsmanship.
  • FELLOWSHIP – As boys meet together at your local congregation, at a District level and at National activities, they will develop friendships with their fellow Christians. These friendships will last them, not only a lifetime, but on into eternity.
  • EVANGELISM – Boys will be able to reach out to their friends as they bring them along to Train activities and meetings. Here their friends will hear about their Savior and his love for them.
  • LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT – From its beginning, the Lutheran Pioneer program has strived to give boys an opportunity to develop their leadership skills. By taking on various responsibilities at their Train, the boys can learn to lead others by serving.