• Provide supervised and constructive recreation preparing Lutheran Girl Pioneers in the way of
    good citizenship with their motto, "Loyal to Christ,” ever before them.
  • To encourage girls to put Christ in every phase of their lives.
  • To help them learn Christian values as they explore and discuss their gifts and talents.
  • To use their gifts and talents to serve their Lord.
  • To develop in each member her potential for leadership through personal interaction skills with
    others and promote service to the Lord and to the world around her.

Membership Qualifications:

  • Membership is open to all girls of Peace Lutheran Church in grades one through twelve.

Organizational Structure:

There are five possible levels in the total Lutheran Girl Pioneer program.

  • SUNBEAMS: For first and second graders. (Sometimes kindergartners.) The girls participate in
    fun activities through the "Explorer," "Friends," "Helpers," and "Fun-maker" categories.
  • TRAVELERS: For third and fourth graders.
  • TRAILBLAZERS: Generally fifth and sixth graders.
  • HOMESTEADERS: Generally seventh and eighth graders.
  • SPINNERS: Mainly high school age girls. The program is unstructured but service oriented.
    The activities and/or requirements for the Sunbeam, Traveler, Trailblazer and Homesteader levels each
    take approximately two years to complete.

Over and above the level requirements, SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENTS can be worked on by the girls in several areas. Some examples would be: Babysitting,
Ecology, Drama, Sewing, Handicrafts, Gardening, Art, etc.

Reporting Responsibilities:

  • The Girl Pioneers reports to the Board of Youth & Family Ministry as deemed necessary.


  • The Girl Pioneers meet the 1st Thursday of each month from October – May.


  • Offers a variety of practical and interesting subjects taught by the leaders or by professional
    people who are asked to assist.
  • Encourages girls to achieve and advance beginning as SUNBEAMS continuing as TRAVELERS,
    TRAILBLAZERS and HOMESTEADERS and on to the highest level, SPINNERS.
  • Provides opportunities for girls to pursue their interests through SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENTS, in
    areas such as: First Aid, Nature, Transportation, Photography, Citizenship, Camping, Handicraft,
    Leadership, Drama, Cooking, Music, and Art.
  • This will be accomplished through worship, evangelism, education, citizenship and recreational
    activities, all centered in God’s word and consistent with the doctrine of the Wisconsin
    Evangelical Lutheran Synod or of a Lutheran Church in doctrinal fellowship with the Wisconsin
    Evangelical Lutheran Synod
  • Organizes activities to promote fellowship among the girls and leaders: camping, outings, field
    days, sleepovers, etc.