Peace Lutheran School is part of the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program (WPCP). We are excited to offer this opportunity for families who qualify to receive a voucher from the state of Wisconsin to pay for their children’s tuition.


Registration materials are made available by the DPI each year in January.  

  • Registration is done online and runs from the first weekday in February to the third Thursday in April. 
  • Prior year tax documents are required.  
  • Current students must be entering 4K (five-day), Kindergarten,  or 1st Grade in the upcoming school year. 
  • Students coming to Peace from the public school, another choice school, or homeschool may apply to enroll at any grade level for which there are open seats.
  • Students must reside in the state of Wisconsin (excluding the cities of Milwaukee and Racine) to qualify.  

Who Qualifies?

  • Residents of the State of Wisconsin (excluding citizens who live in the cities of Milwaukee or Racine).
  • Students whose families have an adjusted gross income at or belowless than 220% of the poverty level on their prior year federal taxes.  AGI must be less than the DPI posted income limitations.
  • An additional $7000 is subtracted from Adjusted Gross Income for married couples.

How do I apply for a voucher?

  • Prior year tax documents are needed to register. Online registration closes on April 20th.
  • Applications are done online through the WI DPI website 
  • Applicants must bring their tax documents (Federal 1040) and residency verification (WE Energies bill, wage statement, W2) to the Peace school office following the online application.
  • The WI DPI Student Application Website contains all the information needed to apply.

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