Peace Through Jesus Classes

Peace Through Jesus is a class in which members and non-members, alike, study the bible together and discover or reaffirm the truths of the bible and Christianity. This class will be offered on Monday evenings, beginning January 23rd at 6:30 pm.

Whether you’re interested in church membership, or would like to fine tune and rejuvenate your faith, please plan on joining us for any or all of the sessions below:

To help us prepare materials for the class, PLEASE SEND US A QUICK RSVP to


        January 23:    Sin and Grace

                                                                     January 30:     Faith (Who is Jesus?)                                                 

  February 6:     The Word

February 13:   Baptism

                  February 20:   The Lord’s Supper

                February 27:   Christian Living

           March 6:   Worship

                  March 13:   Stewardship

                             March 20:   Church Fellowship

                             March 27:  Membership 101