Tuition and Fees

Peace Lutheran School is a non-profit organization.  It is not our intention or policy to realize financial gain from our institution.  However, there is a real cost to educate children.  The primary source of funding at Peace is the generous offerings of our Peace members.  The secondary source of funding is school fees.  The following fees have been established by the Peace Board of Child Discipleship.

Tuition for the 2023-24 School Year

K-8 Member Tuition Rate – $2299

Non-member – $7531

Registration fee – $50 

Technology fee -$35 

Preschool Tuition

Five Day 4K – $2324

Three Day 3K- $1815

Two Day 3K – $1256

Registration and technology fees are factored into the overall tuition cost.  

Tuition Payment Plans 

Peace families are expected to pay for their share of their children’s educational costs. There are two options for tuition payment. Option #1: paying the full amount of tuition at the beginning of the year.  Option # 2: paying monthly installments. Families who choose to pay in full at the beginning of the year will receive a 5% discount.

If choosing monthly installments, the following will apply:

  • All families are required to create an ACH account for automatic payments.
  • Payments are to be made by the last day of each month (starting in September) until the tuition obligation is paid in full.  
  • Any and each time a payment is late, a $20 late fee will be applied.

Tuition Assistance 

Our congregation has instituted a confidential procedure to assist member families who face financial obstacles regarding tuition at Peace Lutheran School. Peace members, whose children attend PLS, are eligible to apply each spring for financial assistance.  The student must be enrolled, or in the process of enrollment, and the parents must agree to pay all registration fees.

Parents must submit a new application form each year to request financial assistance. Provisions for payment of any prior year arrearage must be made before a student, or assistance, will be considered.  Contact the Peace principal for further information.